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Clem L. and Betty A. Disterhaupt
Sandhills Wheatens & Havanese
47224 893rd Rd.
Stuart, Ne. 68780

The puppy you purchased from Sandhills Wheatens is guaranteed to be healthy at the time of purchase as follows. The puppy will be current on vaccinations and de-wormings at the time of purchase. It is the responsibility of the buyer to keep up on the puppy’s de-wormings and vaccinations, (we recommend every 2 weeks) until the puppy is 16 weeks old, then once annually. Sandhills Wheatens guarantees the puppy for 7 days from the date of purchase against parvo, and 10 days against all other contagious sicknesses. If the puppy should die of any of these sicknesses within the ten-day warranty period, Sandhills Wheatens must be contacted within three days of the death, and a replacement puppy will be provided from the next available litter of the same breed and sex. It will be the buyer’s responsibility to provide Sandhills Wheatens with a written veterinarian statement as to the cause of death and to have the puppy sent to a major university for posting if Sandhills Wheatens requires them to do so.

Sandhills Wheatens also guarantees the puppy against any hereditary or congenital disorders that may interfere with the puppy’s ability to lead a normal life. This is a one year guarantee which covers disorders such as heart murmers, skeletal abnormalities, blindness, and hip displasia. In the event of such an occurrence, Sandhills Wheatens will replace the puppy under the same conditions as stated above providing a veterinarian statement is submitted to Sandhills Wheatens within 10 days from the date of the diagnosis as to the nature of the problem.

It is hereby understood by both the buyer and seller of the puppy that the buyer is responsible for any and all veterinarian costs of every kind and nature after the date of purchase including vaccinations. If for any reason there is any exception made, the buyer shall contact the seller and the seller will have full say in determining if a refund will be given. Any amount agreed on in excess of $50 for a veterinarian bill, must be given in writing by the seller to be valid. No other guarantees are made or implied by Sandhills Wheatens except those stated in this written guarantee, and all guarantees are strickly on a replacement basis. Buyer will pay shipping expenses in receiving the replacement puppy. In NO case will the refund be more than the purchase price if the puppy and will not include the shipping cost.

Breeding and Show Guarantee: This guarantee covers only those puppies sold and marked below for this purpose and does not cover puppies sold and marked for pets.

The males sold for breeding or show purposes will have both testicles descended and normal at six months of age. The puppies bite shall be correct at six months of age.